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I've never used a Leica or a Fuji690, but I do understand the advantages of film real estate. I don't see how a Leica neg could come close to producing the same quality large print as a 6x9 neg, especially if you use a modern lens for the 6x9.
I was just curious and it is a question that I have pondered for a while since I have never used a Leica either, but I have heard of people doing outstanding 16x20 and even 20x30 B+W prints from a leica.

That curiosity and this article is what got me going.


I am not asking if the quality would be the same as 6x9 in all cases, but I am really wondering if a leica can keep up with MF (probably more 645) with a film like copex or Efke 25. With a soft 690 lens I am sure it could.

My 2x3 crown graphic is decent and i do have a good lens, but I normally see rez at about 40-50 lp/mm at the film plane. Probably film flatness. Its a pretty cool retro camera, but not even close to a Mamiya 7.

I guess one area of MF advantage, is you dont have to ring every last ounce of rez out of it to do a 16x20 print.