Second hand info, the general consensus is that the Ebony is the most elegant, rigid wood camera you can buy, but very expensive.

What criteria did you use in the evaluation?

I bought and used a Canham wood 5x7 for over two years after comparing it with the Wisner. Some of this comes down to styling. the wisner and canham cost about the same the wisner is more traditional (brass, red leather) in appearance, the canham equally elegant in a more modern way. in side by side comparison the canham was more rigid at long bellows extension. it seemed to me to be better built. it was also less complicated to set up or fold up. At the time of purchase, I spoke to Keith Canham on the phone - he answered all my questions, and seemed completely honest and straightforward - the kind of person I'd like to buy a camera from.

the canham was easy to backpack and an excellent landscape camera.

I only sold the camera when I realized I'd be happier with a metal monorail camera.

hope this helps, I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have.