David, given that the water towers are made in B&W that in itself is a departure from reality. There are very mundane B&W photographs that rely in the tonality and its variations to make them extraordinary. This is why I think color photography is much harder, if it is going to be done well. In fact perhaps color photography is better suited for smaller formats, look at the work by Jay Masiel, he uses 35mm, yet his pics are some of the most impresive I have ever seen.

I have always thought that Color is the main attribute of color phtography, thst is why IMO it is so hard to do. Yet in this photographs the colors are drab, and the subject matter is at best ordinary if not boring.

Tom, I am afraid I disagree with your assesment that he is a good LF practicioner. Any 8x10 shot made with a 240 to 300 mm lens will look like those he made, and any body that has a building leaning is either careless or not that good using a view camera. Perhaps this is one of those "braking the rules" instances, but to me...a crooked building is distracting.