I hope I don't come across like a smart ass, but here is what I sense:

You want a new camera. You probably (most likely) want a Leica. You DON'T want to look like a snob who bought it because of the name/cache - mainly in your own eyes. So, you want a very good reason to buy one.

Here is my thought on that, based on my perception of your dillema (which may of course, be totally wrong):

Buy the Leica you obviously want - life is too short to over-analyze things to death. One thing is for certain, many things may, arguably, be as good as a Leica RF - but you can be sure your Leica will NOT be any worse than the best of them, and perhaps better. If economy is not the object here, buy the camera that will probably just make you feel good to handle, use and even look at. Why not? Would I? Who cares - I am not you!