Have old you folks that ILOVE PARIS? Finally got enough knucklehead students to plop down their down payments for the trip and it is a go. We will probably have 40 students or more going. This will be my third trip. Don't miss Paris. Go there to photograph, to sightsee, to eat, to eat , to eat.
Now, to my countrymen and women, none of the rumors about Paris that pervade America are true. Paris is dirty. Not true. It is as clean as a big city can be. If you find a grungy little corner somewhere call it character. You will be wading through ankle deep dog poop with every step. Not true. Didn't see any. I do wonder about all the rolled up carpeting in the gutters. Water diversions? The French are rude. Subjective, of course but my empirical evidence proves the opposite. We had a wonderful meal one evening at Cafe Sud, (opera district 4 or 5 blocks behind Madeline church) Once we began talking to the diners around us, haltingly in my best high school french, they opened up and everyone of them began conversing in very fluent english. We went late into the evening talking over wine and coffee about all things French and American. The only person that I ran into in Paris that I could consider rude was the lady taking money at the toillet at the Tuillerie gardens. She seemed to be asking all the men if they were going to use the pissoire or a stall. I guess there was a price difference. I wanted to say,"I'm an American and we don't tell". I just handed hera abunch of coins and answered the call of nature. Next rumors. The food is great, the women are all beautiful, there are no fat Frech people. Actually these rumors are all true. There must be a city law declaring that there must be 3 bakeries on every block. How do you stay slim with so many pastries tempting you? Give in to the temptation. Eat,you're too skinny. and your in Paris freaking France. Go to Paris and photograph, photograph, photograph. It is as beautiful as any city I have seen.
bon voyage
Monsieur Jack B