Well I guess its half dozen one or the other.

I actually prefer LF, but sometimes its just too much hassle, so enter 35mm and MF rangefinders. Small light convenient, roll film etc.

For MF I do like the idea of the Fuji GA645ZI as almost a P+S MF camera, but for the utmost resolution from MF I would say the Mamiya 7 would probably come out on top, although I had a couple of Pentax 67 lenses that were just as sharp. I am sure that modern Rollei and Hassy lenses are just as sharp or slightly better than the Mamiya 7, and probably close to Leica lenses in resolving power.

Here is an interesting comparison for what its worth. I was surprised to see how good the Leica high rez scan shot compared to the Plaubel 670.