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This teaches me that perhaps I should look at photographs and try to "discover" the intention of the photographer, but then, what if I am unable to make a "connection"?
No, I don't think an observer should have to research the motives of an artist to appreciate his work. There should be some immediately emotional impact whether it was the intended emotion the artist wished to impart or a completely different one. I am afraid the subject's work displayed in the link did nothing for me either.

Why should it be necessary for a person to study the artist to appreciate the art? I hate it when music appreciation pseudo-intellects say that one must work hard to appreciate music - any music. I am an operatic tenor, but I love the Beatles and ZZ-Top as well as Mozart and Puccini. It is interesting to know the background of a composition and its composer, but it is not necessary for pure enjoyment – if the composition and performance excel.

As to the subject’s work, it gives me little emotion of any kind and I wont go out of my way to observe any more – sorry.