Well, I got back from my travels today to a ton of mail and lo and behold several fine prints:

1. Carl's cyanotype is very interesting. But, I hate to admit this: I don't exactly know what I am looking at here. I think I am making out a clam shell, some snail shells and a sea creature of some sort. Am I right?

2. Don has also sent a beautiful cyanotype (tri-colour). I didn't know you could do different colours! I always though cyanotypes were blue so this print is especially interesting to me. His description is vivid and joy to read. I just wish I could be as elaborate and detailed. Thanks, Don.

3. Mike has sent a wonderful ziatype of a door. It's a simple and elegant print with a great range in tones. A very nice print.

Overall, I feel overwhelmed by these beautiful prints. I only hope you guys enjoy mine half as much. I have two more to print and will send these out soon.

Regards, Art.