[quote="Jimmy Peguet"]A question about Pyrocat, stain and washing : what are approx. your b+f levels ?


Although I don't use Jobo I develop all of my sheet film with rotary processing, sheet film up to 5X7 in BTZS types tubes, and ULF film 7X17 and larger in Beseler and Unicolor print drums on a Unicolor motor base, ate about 15 RPM. I think the same issues of stain apply with my development methods as with Jobo.

My b+f figures are not that different from yours. With FP4+ I get a b+f of about 0.08 at N development times and about 0.12 at N+2 development times. This is with the blue channel of the densitometer. Your figures are really quite similar to mine and I don't really believe you need to make much of an adjustment, certainly not by cutting back on washing time which may compromise the archival quality of your negative. You might add a pinch or two of sulfite to the working solution just before development and this should cut fog by about 0.02 to 0.05 depending on development times.