[quote="jbrodkey"]Actually I have been following the prices of these items on eBay and have seen them go for more money in the photography auctions than some in other auctions that never got a single bid. There is one offered now for $379 with no bids. That is lower than recent prices paid in the photography auctions.

I have tended to follow prices of densitometers, including the 361T, more in the industrial auctions than in the photo auctons because this is more of a natual outlet for the pre-press industry, and my impression is that a lot more, perhaps three to four times as many, have been sold in industry than in photography.

But auctions have their own logic. A 361T described as in good condition cosmetically sold for $405, with 15 bids, on Novemvber 6, while one described as in excellent condition sold on November 9 for $258, with only five bids.