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Sorry for the delayed reply. I'm loosing a little sleep over this one. I got the kit from B&S, so I don't suppose there's oxalic acid in the bottle of ferric oxalate. Think I should purchase some and have it handy. Your question led me to investigate the New Platinum Book and I found that I can add EDTA Tetrasodium too. If yes, question is:

1. Is EDTA Tetrasodium similiar to the Edta Clearing Agent B&S sent me?

2. Is it okay now to add Edta to the already mix ferric Oxalate?

3. Does Oxalic acid do a better job than Edta added to Ferric Oxalate solution?

Next... Hope this isn't a dumb question, but does it make sense to alter the pH of the rinse/wash water by adding a little of "something" to it?

I've got a nice print made a few days ago and I'm 100% sure it hasn't been cleared sufficiently. The print border isn't masked. With all the soaking in pH positive rinse/water baths, will it retard clearing action if I did re-clearing, following the procedure as you described earlier?

Thanks again for being so helpful.
2.Yes, but probably not necessary.
3.The EDTA seems to help the ferric go into solution, so adding it later won't do much. It's the oxalic acid that seems to help with printing speed and clearing.
Next...yes, you could sprinkle some oxalic or citric acid into your rinse. Or, just follow the clearing process as Clay described.
Finally, you can go ahead and re-clear the print starting with step 3. in the procedure that Clay outlined above. Did you tell us what paper this print is on?