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2.Yes, but probably not necessary.
3.The EDTA seems to help the ferric go into solution, so adding it later won't do much. It's the oxalic acid that seems to help with printing speed and clearing.
Next...yes, you could sprinkle some oxalic or citric acid into your rinse. Or, just follow the clearing process as Clay described.
Finally, you can go ahead and re-clear the print starting with step 3. in the procedure that Clay outlined above. Did you tell us what paper this print is on?
Thanks for the answers, Kerik. Really appreciate it! The print I need to re-clear is made on Platinotype paper. I will try to re-clear the print using those steps but there's no way of telling if it clears completely since the border wasn't masked.

Now for the good news. I double-coated two strips (full strength & half strength), one on platinotype, the other, Cranes Kid Finish paper. After drying, I immersed the two unexposed strips into the usual Pot. Ox. developer. Removed the strips after 5 min. Some stains could be seen. They went immediately into 1st HCA/Edta bath. Within 3 min. the stains are completely gone. It worked! Lesson learnt!!

Thank you very, very much Clay. I wouldn't know how to fix the problem without asking for help. Newbies like me can really benefit from you, Kerik, Jorge and others. I am humbled by your experiences.

Thanks to all.