I have a Wisner Technical 4x5 and a Canham 8x10 and rented a Canham 5x7 (wood) camera for a while.

Unlike Tom Duffy, I find the Wisner easier to fold up and maybe a little more ridgid at long extension, at least until you move the front standard off its geared track, it's a little less rigid in its fully extended position, but not worse than the Canham (this is comparing the 4x5 Wisner with a 5x7 Canham). The Canham has lots of levers that are easy to pinch fingers if you are not careful. The Wisner does tend to rub the front standards on the belllows as you fold it.

The Wisner is a pain to use with short lenses. With the 4x5, anything shorter than about 120mm requires moving the front standard back using the base and axis tilts to get the lens close enough to the film to focus at infinity. The 5x7 probably has this problem with longer lenses. Even a 120mm on 4x5 really needs the bag bellows.

The Canham, on the other hand, easily handles my 120mm on the 8x10 with the normal bellows. I think I could mount a 58mm on the 8x10 and focus at infinity with the normal bellows.

If you like wide angle lenses, the Canham is a much better design. If you don't use any wide angle lenses and like really long lenses, the Wisner may be slightly better, though not by much.