I didn't realize this would be a controversial comment but simply one referring to the tactile nature of the camera. I plan on eventually owning one as it is ideal for my purposes so I actually find its capabilities first rate in my own estimation. I don't currently have the loose funds for yet another addition to a bloated stable! My only misgiving about the outlay was the fact that the handling of the camera is a bit of a let down in the area of perceived quality. The hollow, plastic sense of the camera just doesn't seem in keeping with its price point while the little Bronica is surprisingly solid and leaves one wondering how they made it at the price that they did. I currently own a Bronica RF and find that to be a gratifying trait whenever I use the camera. As a tool, the Mamiya should deliver better results, it's still in production and doesn't feel much bigger than the Bronica in actual use. The Mamiya definitely doesn't feel cheap and I'm sorry if I implied that but it is a slight disappointment in that area for its $1500 price. I'm certain that the construction is actually very robust and clearly better than painted/anodized metal in scratch/dent resistance.