I recently purchased some Bronica equipment from a photographer in Canada who is going digital and getting rid of all his medium format equipment.

For $800 Canadian dollars I purchased:

Body ETRS-I with Beatie Intenscreen bright viewing screen.
3 x120 film backs.
Motor winder EI.
Prism finder AE-II.
Zenzanon-PE lens 150 mm f 3.5
Zenzanon-PE lens 105 mm f 4.5

Not sure what kind of a deal this would be in America considering the large amount of secondhand equipment you can get your hands on over there but it was a good deal for me, especially with the two lenses (even with shipping costs to Australia). Unless I haven't been looking in the right places over here and somebody is about to tell me that.

He has the equipment along with photos of the equipment listed on his site at: