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Thought that I should give AREM a plug on account of exemplary service received. I ordered a batch of printing paper from them via their web site AREM on Saturday evening the 3rd Dec, and it was delivered this morning, Tuesday 6th Dec. Thatís good service by any standards, and very competitive prices to boot. :o
Dave. Just seen your latest post. Was then able to check the site. Looks pretty good. I've added it to my favourites. Thanks

P.S. I have just got a secondhand Ilford safelight 902 today. I notice that you mentioned having this in a thread on safelights. Found it pretty good. I noted that the notice on the back mentioned a 25W bulb but inside there's a sticker saying 15W max. Not sure this is an Ilford sticker. It looks like the standard silvered coloured oval you seen on all table lamps.The bulb is in fact 15W. You might say if 15W is Ok then why risk 25W. On the other hand I am all for max illumination permissible. What do you use? The filter looks which is substantial and thick looks as if it could take a 25W and still wouldn't wear out unlike the Durst Tricolor lamp filter which I have. This was giving me the very minimum safe limit when tested.