Robert, Like anything else school is a tool, a network for growing and learning the fundamentals also a way of discovering the path your most inclined towards for your future. What you do with this is your responsibility. My first go around in college was in business, once on my way this career choice though quite profitable left me absolutally empty. Already addicted to photography my wife and I decided to make a change in direction so at 24 it was back to school. Once their I to discovered how little these instructers really knew.So the next semester I only took classes that answered questions about my goal (mostly physics and art) and at the same time went to work in the industry. Starting part time in a custom print lab then assisting and so on. the great thing about doing this was while I was working I was learning what questions needed answers while I was in school. I did'nt hang around to get another degree but the learning has never stopped. Teachers are incapable of giving you your education, they're only a starting point from which you build your own career. Like any thing else colleges are financial institutions and their decisions are only partly in the best interest of the students so you have to take from them what is available and do the rest for yourself.