Coming for both sides of the issue....
I have been teaching since 1960 and am seriously over-educated. Graduate school was very painful, for I had this silly idea that people with expanded knowledge should be passing it on. This was true in several areas, including photography. Luckily I was fortunate to have an instructor mid way through one of my graduate degrees that was interested in technique and what it took to make fine prints (thank goodness!).
So, I have had the mis- fortune of attending classes of "higher education" that didn't deliver what I had hoped.

On the other side of the issue now I teach at an Art Center that is more a continuing education environment than academic. I cannot tell you how many people walk into my class indicating pass experience with darkroom experience (in college) who don't have a clue; and who leave saying so after working in a different environment. I would also hope that in a more tradition educational environment this effort to excellent did not lapse.

Not to sound self serving but I have had students tell me they learn more in one evening than in year to, "I know you want me to make that print better, but it is fine for me....

I do know that I have the credentials to teach at the college level but won't last long as I feel it is important to be in the trench with my students to help guide them with technique rather than sitting in an office or working on my own projects. My peers would not be happy.

As Aggie has indicated (unfortunately) many of us have learned much more out side the "official education level", than in that area. Thank goodness, I had the fortune to happen on to someone who really turned around my world and I hope I have had and will continue to have that effect on my students.

The reality is that all those initial behind my name are not important; however what is; all those experience have brought me to what I am today. Hopefully a decent instructor, who encourages, prods; pokes and encourages my students to do more than "it is just good enough”. (for what?)

It is encouraging that many people are finding other areas of opportunities to learn the basics and continue to struggle to really find their way.

I certainly continue to get more gray hair and grind my teeth about folks who are “teaching” ,who are don’t know flat from contrast; but what I try to remember is just to do what I can do with each individual students to be sure they know and are making the best print they can at this moment.
Which reminds me of a situation years ago when one of my high school students told me that an insturctor at a "year book" camp told them Iwas crazy" ( I was teaching my students to print to dmax). My comment was "how did your prints hold up against the others". response "we won first place" ...... So, what else can one do but continue on swimming up stream.
ONe of my favorite sayings is " you can lead a horse to water; you can't make it swim on it's back".

Which brings me back to degrees and offical education. Some times I wonder ..... Sad !