Brad, I haven't been to Equador, but I have been to Venezuela. My son in law lived there at the time working at the American Embassy. One thing I am glad he did do was talk me out of taking a big camera. I used a 35 with 3 lenses for the trip and from some of the places we went, I could see why. It is not the size of the camera, but the opportunity for the less scrupulous to snatch it all. The one time I was seperated from him and the others, I had gotten caught up taking pictures of a catherdral. He luckily came around the corner to watch me punch one of the two guys trying to steal my camera. I don't think they had expected an old fat lady to fight back and sucker punch them. Joao just laughed at all, and the two guys ran. If I had had a big camera it might not have been such a funny outcome.