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I hope we get a 100% exchanges but appreciate there may be reasons why people are late - especially at this time of year - in hindsight one to avoid in the future maybe.
Hi Carl,

Welcome to the club of exchange organizers! Jeremy, Nige and I can fill you in on this. In another thread I have stated that there is about a 5% non-committment rate. That is, people who completely do not honour their committment, despite e-mails, PMs and other subtle and not so subtle reminders from the organizers. Basically, these are the folks that have no valid excuse, particularly since a few of them are regular posters on APUG.

The only sanction for any that do not exchange is to preclude them from participation in the future but I am not sure what the APUG guidelines are - one of the moderators might be able to answer that - but as I've said there is time yet and I believe we are a good lot
Not only that, but between the exchange organizers, we have a list of those people who have not honoured their committments in any exchange. The idea is that if they don't honour their committment in one exchange, they cannot particpate in ANY exchange. No one on that list has signed for this exchange.

Actually, someone suggested that if the exchange deadbeats signed up, we should group them together, that way they'd get nothing from each other! I thought that was funny in my own morbid way.

Regards, Art.