Ceratto; I took his printing course two summers ago in Maine.What Bill said about learning how to teach yourself how to be a really excellent printer was and still is the secret to his course. You see a lot of his work and why it works, or not, and how and why to push a bit further. You will use a lot of paper for just one print. You might work on that same print for three days.

Mr. Tice is one of the few "Master" printers alive today.Look at the old Life library of photography series and George is all over it with both prints and demo's of how to print. His talent is that he is so good at all forms of printing, not just one method. Some photographers today hype that they are "Masters" at say, ULF Azo contact printing. Other's are known for being Pt/Pd experts. Still others with enlarging and enlarging tricks like unsharp masking. George Tice does it all with simple tools. No developers mixed by the elves of the Black Forest or other such esoteric bullshit. Are you sworn to pyro being the greatest thing since sliced bread? Then go elsewhere. Simple and basic is the way he works.

But, is his style for you? I think there is a West coast school and a East coast school, still today. George prints softer than say John Sexton. A Tice print has an amazing range of gray mid-tones not seen from "western" printers. A lot of this may be from the range of light the East coast lives with. More diffused light, tighter spaces, detailed scenes vs. grand vista.

To Tom. Kind of annoying, he lives in Atlantic Highlands but you have to go to Maine. I believe he taught at Peter's Valley a long time ago.

Please feel free to PM me for other aspects.