Poco, I have to say you are indeed a gutsy guy, heading out to photograph strategic locations like power plants, nuclear plants, dams, defence department sites and of course landfills.

What are a you, some sort of troublemaker.

The police have to take enough time out their day at the donut shop harrassing double parkers, and speeders to waste six patrol cars investigating activists and potential terrorists like you, pretending to try to get the perfect shot of the local dump.

Without this kind of police diligence can you imagine the damage that a terrorists would be able to inflict if they blew up the city landfill. Think about it man.

It would take the environmental types 3-10 years to agree to a new site, while this one is investigated and the appropriate statues and memorials are erected to pay tribute to the loss. Every governmental agency would be tied up in knots for a decade with lawsuits and regulations while this situation was resolved to nobody's satisfaction and while the endangered salamanders were moved to a nice new swampy home.

The entire city would be awash in garbage while all this was going on, jamming up the streets and alleyways. Rats and vermin would take over and disease would become rampant, jamming up emergency rooms and doctors offices. The entire economy of the city would probably go right into the dumper.

So next time, think before you shoot. Maybe something nice like and old barn or perhaps a pretty lake.