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I agree with Dave, I don't believe we have reached a stage of captivity where we must or should report to police prior to making a photograph.
I'm not so sure.

I notice a white van slowing down and then stopping while I take a photo. I finish up and make my slow way back to the car, taking note that the van has turned around and is following. I lead the van on a trip through the city taking it very slowly so citizen Duddly DoRight can keep up and complete his tail job until the cops show up. Eventually the van pulls to the side of the road as he's passed by three cop cars which finally stop me. In a flash I've got 6 cops swarming around the car, hands hovering inches from their guns.

If you think of what was involved, it's ridiculous. Duddly must have been been in constant, breathless communication with the dispatcher on his location (which is why I was so terrified of him losing me -- who wants to start a state-wide man hunt?)

The fact is, the "Police State" reference in my title doesn't overstate the case one bit. Remember back in the 60's when one of the signature outrages of Soviets was that you could be detained for just taking photos near missile installations? Shit, they were thinking small.