Thanks everyone for all the information. I agree with Lee on the Rokkor glass. I shot hundreds of actor heashots with a 135mm Rokkor X 2.8. I did the 3/4 shots with a Rokkor X 55mm 1.2, with excellent (sharp) results. I like the all-manual SRT-102 I used these lenses with. Side by side, the OM-2 is about half the size/weight of the SRT-102!

But....The OM-2 was my first SLR (circa 1977) which was stolen in San Diego when it was only about a year old. Now, thanks to the auction site I've purchased not one OM-2, but TWO! One has arrived with the Zuiko 1.8 50mm and a Quantaray 28mm and the other (sent via USPS ) hasn't arrived yet but includes the Vivitar 70-150. That camera also comes with a Zuiko 50mm and 28mm. The OM-2 that has arrived is in EX condition and the built-in meter works likes new. It was that nifty OTF metering, along with compact size, that made me go for the OM-2 in the first place so for old-times-sakes, I wanted to include a working OM-2 (as opposed to the OM-1) to "the collection". Watching the auctions, the Zuiko zooms are going pretty cheap also although I've always preferred using fixed length lenses.

Not having an OM-2 in hand for nearly 28 years, I must say it's even more impressive today for it's compact, almost jewel-like qualities.

So, just for today, I'll be thankful for the "D" revolution for making all the old classic cameras so widely available and affordable.