In summary...

- at 1:20 neither paper tone splits, and each tones to their most neutral black... I still prefer the look of the Agfa.

- at 1:7 the Warmtone splits, the Agfa moves toward a lovely warm maroon.

- I use Agfa FX Universal (ammonium thiosulfate) for both film and paper, neutral pH and dirt cheap.

- the Agfa has the best look of any paper I have tried it has absolutely neutral blacks right out of the fix. It would be my preferred paper but the separation at the corners is a real problem it starts 10 minutes into the process. I wash in trays. I even thought of buying the 16x20 and cutting the finished prints down to 11x14.

- the Warmtone was free so I just wanted to see if I could get a look I like with it.

I guess I am still looking for my ideal silver paper!! Thanks...... Annie.