I was set up on the side of an Interstate, 8x10 on a tripod at rush hour about 30 miles out of town, and the light was tearing through a hole in the clouds, driving a shaft of light across the prairie toward two cottonwoods.

State trooper pulls up behind. I turn and all excitedly yell, "look at that light ! it's going to hit those two trees in about 30 seconds !"

He looks at me, looks at the trees, looks at the light...

Runs back to the cruiser, pulls out a Nikon, runs over to my Deardorff and we shoot it.

He says two things I've never forgotten:

"My wife just bought me a Linhof for my birthday."

and, "I've gone up and down this road every day for ten years and I never NOTICED those two old trees ! "

It ain't the cops, folks. Fire the commander in chief.