So sorry to hear about your incident- I've tried all kinds of things. At one point I took to carrying around a laminated copy of the statute that says when and what one can photo. This did more harm than good.

People just don't want to hear that another has rights, when they, themselves are trying to "enforce" laws that don't exist.

It is a very horrible feeling to be accused or questioned for using the art of our right, photography. It is sort of a strange almost "guilt" like you did do something criminal, because these are people who are in some twisted authority, in which THEY ,of all people, should be a good judge of situations and character. In reality they are often trained to assume the worst , so most are terrible judges. These days being "presumed guility" seems to be "protecting the public". I disagree.

Did you know that many cities are only using a single cop per car and per duty now? The reason for this being that the more police there are together, the more likely a bad decision will be made. ...interesting.

Of course, I would like to hear that you didn't HAVE to explain yourself, because there wasn't resonable cause? You did explain yourself as a courtesy to them, right?That's what I did, but they pushed it further and further....

Hope this doesn't keep you indoors, (it sure did me) feeling a bit paralyzed, for months on end. You did NOTHING wrong, they suspended you!!

Wishing you Happy Holidays!!!!

PS- Once in Layton, Utah I saw a police officer and told him I would be shooting in the area he responded with anger "What are you telling me for, you can shoot anything you want, this IS America". Then the convenience store clerk also got a giggle out of it.