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But then I guess I am just crazy....
No Robert, I think you are entirely sane, judging by the conclusions you have reached. However, I think you are a little off in your premise; the community you speak of is not at an all-time low. Its been there for a long, long time and you've just discovered it.

My observation is that most current and past masters did NOT study photography at the graduate level. Most that I have noted didn't study it in college at all. They learned on their own or with the help of a few short workshops.

If you want to run around doing art-school type stuff, you might do very well in the point-counts on photo.net or photoSig. I don't think you want to do that though.

Strike out on your own and blaze your own path. Don't just follow like art school wants you to. Through your own self effort, try to get into the lead; you will quickly pass a lot of followers and be well ahead of them. Good Luck!!