Wow. Sorry folks. Been under the gun to finish a bunch of webstuff for school and haven't even visited APUG in days. (hands shaking, haunted look in eyes...)

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I also have a polaroid back for a 4x5, and I know Whitey has one, cause I donated it to him...
Got two of them, actually, Bill. The one which you so kindly donated and another which came with the Calumet 401 that I just fixed up.

The possibility for portrait workshops in the VPC is exciting- all that glass! Photograms also sounds interesting, but less so for me. I guess I want to photograph what's really out there - I can paint the other stuff.

As for Belmont Hill workshops. The best bets for the space being really "without kids" are the MLK holiday weekend and the middle of March, when we are on vacation. We have a set of lights, some with umbrella reflectors, some remote flash equipment (old, but usable) and a small variety of backdrops, incuding a theater. (Holly is not only the photo teacher, she is a lighting designer for music events in the real world and the tech director here.) Depending on what show is going up, and what state the set is in, there may be a scrim and interesting theater lighting possible.

There are two 4x5 monorails here. (Thanks again, Bill!) and maybe a tripod or two that are heavy enough for a studio set-up of larger cameras. Antique lenses anyone? I'm fitting up two of those old Petzvals (see for portrait use."Jim Galli Style" to fit at least a speed graphic and one for the Calumet. Those are fun. Even get to use some sort of black-hat magic on the Calumet, since I don't have a shutter for that one. :-/

Any interest in the January date?

And Drew.. For these things, New England is a concept. I think we can lower the drawbridge and let those poor, benighted Middle-Atlantic folks in as well, don't you?