The quick & easy way is to contact print on ordinary enlarging paper. A cheap picture frame (from IKEA?) makes a decent contact printing frame for the first attempts - especially with enlarging paper.

The next step is to go to specialized contact paper, of which there are two: Azo (see above) and Bergger Art Contact (which according to Michael A. Smith isn't a "real" contact paper). I have had very good results with the Bergger paper, I have not tried Azo. To me, the main advantage of Bergger is that it's readily available in Europe. I develop the paper in Ansco 130, home mixed.

Beyond that there's no real limit to the processes you can use: Albumen, salt print, van Dyke, Pd/Pt, cyanotype, gum... The list goes on, and there are at least as many opinions as there are practitioners.