With the reduction in Kodak's product line which has lately been decried in other postings, it occurs to me that one possible future victim might be Technidol developer, since it's not exactly a mass-market item. In spite of its expense, it really comes in handy occasionally with film shot in extreme contrast situations.
I need comment from some of the APUGers who have a lot more expertise in chemistry than I have. (Never had a chemistry course, even in high school; I must lead a charmed life, because I also never had to take a statistics course in grad school!)
My specific question--Would refrigerating the Technidol Liquid in its original packaging extend its life? Incidentally, the stuff seems to keep rather well anyway; a few months ago, I used some which was purchased in 1997 and noticed no ill effects. I also assume that freezing would NOT be a good idea. Is that assumption correct?