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I am really disappointed. They did not have my favorite, Ox penis with tonic. Thess menus prove why I never dine out in China without my hosts.
If you're looking for you're favorite dish, you need to stay in the five star hotels. Try the TaiYuan World Trade Hotel next time you're in Shanxi. They proudly serve Ox, Deer and Dog penis.

This is the same place they forced my colleagues and I to quit playing Chinese Chess in the lobby (we were hotel guests and were even buying drinks!) They wanted us to instead pay to go in to the card and chess room.

I just don't understand (fickle) Chinese authority sometimes... Freedom to lop off the reproductive organs of anything on four legs (and eat them), yet no freedom to play a board game in a hotel lobby. Also your photographic freedoms seem to diminish as you go north and west.

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