While I appreciate the support, I think we have drifted a bit off topic. This is just a rant about the art world in general! I mean seriously there is some hard-core CRAP out there and if you say "The emperor has no clothes or artistic vision and is a joke!" you get ignored.

Let me hear about what you guys have seen to support or deny my premis here.

Example. I had to go to the "Seniors" exhibit at school (and don't get me started on that....my conclusion...Oddly enough sculpture seems to be doing o.k....), and I wandered over to an opening at the UofA Art Museum. This is where they stick "The good stuff."


Now some of it was great. But some just boggled the mind.

This was my favorite to illustrate that the art world is at a new low.

One piece called "Ultra Geek".

Was it a painting?


Was it a photo?



Not really....

Someone had gone out and bought about $500.00 worth of Star Wars figurines and simply placed them on two wooden platforms.

The best part?

This was the "pro" work. This guy (his name I forget...it wasn't worth remembering), simply placed pre-bought items on some boards and then SOLD IT to someone else for what I am sure is a fortune. It was "on loan" from a private collection you know....

Now, if I whad excess cash, I MIGHT buy this if it had some rare figurine that the Ubergeeks on E-Bay (and I say that with all kindness) might pay a fortune for in five years, on it, but only as a physical investment. That Star Wars stuff sells after all.

But to buy it as art? And to sell it off as YOUR art (the artist to me is the team who created these things for the company that sold them, not the guy who epoxied them to some plywood)?

I mean come on?

So what are your stories? Let me hear about the "Dog Crap on Plate #5" that sold for $23,000 while they scoffed at the work of Weston.