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I have not yet purchased any tubes Sandy. What are the specs or product code for the Beseler print drum and motor base? Appreciate your help.

The drum I use is one of thed 16X20 color print drums by Beseler. But you want to make sure that the drum still has the plastic dividers. The drums came originally with three removable dividers but for 12X20 film you only need two of them. The motor base could be either a Beseler or Unicolor as they work about the same. You want to make sure that you get one that switches directions instead of the type that rotates only in one direction.

You see this type of equipment very often on ebay and the going price of the drums is about $20-40 and the motor bases usually go for about $40-50. And you can sometimes find this type of equpment at a palce like Midwest Photo or Columbia Camera.