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Since I could use AF for sports I bought a used F80 today, I can't even get a film loaded with this piece modern technology thingy while it was easy with my good old FE wich could well have been designed before I was born.... (I am only 24 and suddenly understand my grandparents with mobile phones)

When I load a film I just lay the end of it in the camera and close it, than it starts to wind it till frame one and says error,.. error!!! "Where is the old film leaver I can do it in myselves!" Seems it can only write and not listen...
Ohh and one more thing where is the iso dial? How does this little thing now the iso rating of my film?

Ohh dear and that's when I haven't even loaded a film yet! This is going to be funny...

The posts in this thread is making me have second thoughts about changing to Nikon. I have a Pentax MZ7 and simply taking the leader and feeding it beyond the first couple of teeth on the take up sprocket has never failed.
There is an ISO section on the programme dial which is easy to use as well.

The trouble is I have yet to find another owner past or present of a MZ7 so can't compare any notes.