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The posts in this thread is making me have second thoughts about changing to Nikon.
The best advice is to go to a shop and handle one yourself. I've had one for about five years and think it is the best ergonomically-designed camera I've ever seen (compared with Canon, Minolta, Pentax, etc.), however, that's just a personal opinion. YMMV.

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I have a Pentax MZ7 and simply taking the leader and feeding it beyond the first couple of teeth on the take up sprocket has never failed.
On the F/N80 slip in the canister, pull the leader across to the red line and close the back. That's it, done.

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There is an ISO section on the programme dial which is easy to use as well.
Likewise on the F80. If you're using non-DX coded canisters, a film outside its auto range or would just like to change from the auto-set ISO rating then set the program dial to ISO and dial-in the new rating using the command wheel (under your right index finger). You can even change a custom function so that the camera will not automatically pick up the DX rating.

Quinten - If you can't get hold of a manual try and get hold of a Magic Lantern Guide for it. It not only tells you what the camera can do but also why you might want to do it!