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Put it on the market and see if it has value.
Exactly. The value of any object is only as much as what someone is willing to pay. Every day on the auction site I see objects that I assign no value to at all go for big money. And I spend money on things that others obviously felt were valueless, just not every day. I hit the antique shops and flea markets all the time to nab stuff other people have passed over time and time again.

Just because one person stated that the image is worth nothing does not make it so. In this persons' professional realm of influence his statement may be accurate (at that time), but the entire world does not lie in the realm of any one person, no matter how large their head may have become.

Ask around and I would be willing to bet you can find people who would like to have it. Hell, I might like to have it! I alway liked Imogen's attitude. Feisty!

- Randy