Ole, if you are exposing for azo, figure about a stop of extra development on the high end for a "normal" negative and grade 2 azo. This should get you close to begin with. If you have grade 3 azo, a normal negative should print well enough to start getting used to it. My prints from 4x5 on sunday showed good separation in zone 2 and up. These were developed for grade 2 enlarging paper with PMK pyro. If you have any numbers already for ABC pyro and N+1this would be an ideal starting point for you.

For light in 4x5 format, try a 25 watt bulb at 50 cm on grade 3 paper for 30-60 seconds and see where you end up. I'm still using 8x10 paper cut into quarters for 4x5 film until I have a better grasp of things. I have read where azo doesn't dry down much. This has not been my experience. Figure 1/2 zone anyway for dry-down. Do a series of prints at 15 second intervals and let them dry.

I will be very curious to see how you like this paper for work.