Michael, as I see it, people dont try azo for the significant investment it represents. Why dont you offer a "sampler?" You must have an open box of G2 and G3, if they send you the paper envelope and the the postage money, why dont you have your assistant put 3 or 4 sheets of each grade in the envelope and put it in the mail?

Most people have empty envelopes of photo paper lying around, if you are willing to do this, you might be able to sell more paper. I would even go as far as saying that it would be good if your assistant included a work print with the sheets, so people can compare.

You can screeam until you are blue in the face that Azo is a wonderful paper, but your biggest obstacle is the 100 sheet box. Ole is a good example, he is a very good printer, I have seen his photographs, I am sure that with 3 or 4 sheets he could make a judgement if this is a paper he would like to use, hell, even I would try it if you were to do this.

Give it a thought and learn something from people like Fred Picker, say what you will of him, he was a great promoter of his Zone VI stuff and found ways to make people try his products.