One more thing. If yougo to the Indian markets in the mountains, they are very photogenic. However, I would not want to spend very long under a darkcloth - you might find yourself naked when you peaked out from people stealing you blind. For the markets, I would stick with a very compact outfit that does not leave your hands. At the time, I used a Canon EOS1 with a 24 mm lens an a separate 35-135mm zoom.

If I went back, I would use my Pentax 67 with a 45 mm lens. I would use 400 speed B&W film. Pre-focus the lens using the distance scale and then activate the mirror lockup. Use a cable release. Sidle up to a group of locals who are often sitting on the ground, pause, hold the camera by the strap against your waist (or on the low monopod), and activate the cable release without looking at the people. That way you can get some candid shots without alarming them. I would use 220 film to avoid frequent changes. Never use a wallet. Keep your valuables in a pouch under your shirt. I lost an American Express card before my eyes. Those women are about eye level with my waist so they are crafty pick pockets (I am only 5'10").