The great benefit of forums like this is the wealth of experience that comes from the members. I originally started doing these workshops because I was getting emails from a lot of photography buffs that wanted to shoot glamour, swimsuit, etc but couldn't afford the hourly rates charged by "decent" models and couldn't get any good tfp/tfcd models.
I've been involved in a number of workshops including those friday-sunday weekend workshops with sponsorship from Kodak and lots of great instructors spending time to help photographers improve their craft - these workshops do not fit that mold. These particular workshops are more geared towards those photography buffs that, as Art said, want to shoot with 'purdy girls'. We spend 45 minutes to 1 hour on instruction and 4 hours on shooting because that what the people who come to these workshops/photoshoots prefer. I understand that the whole glamour/swimsuit market is not everyone's cup of tea and I respect that. If anyone is looking for a workshop more geared towards instruction, I would also recommend JT Smith's workshops, not mine.
I take all the comments that you guys have given me as constructive criticism because I do see the points you are trying to make. All I ask is that you also try to see mine, even if you don't particularly agree with it.