Ray Bidegain will be leading a Platinum/Palladium Printing Workshop in Portland Oregon this coming May 19-21 2006. Tuition will be $360.
The workshop will begin by sharing images from Ray and those of the students. Then a few hours of explaining and demonstrating the process. Afterwards the class will spend the majority of the workshop printing. Ray will continue to supervise and instruct and assist so that by the end of the workshop participants will have a nice stack of Platinum prints. Students will have their own set of materials to work with and will be able to take home what ever is left from the supply.
Topics to be covered: In camera negatives for Platinum/Palladium printing. Making enlarged negatives. Technique for Hand coating the paper. Contrast control, UV Light source. Print finishing and presentation.
For more information go to Ray's website at www.raybidegain.com. Visit Portland Photographers Forum at www.portlandphotoforum.org to get an application.