I'm thrilled to be able to announce that Ilford will continue to make
available most film sizes from 5x12" to 20x24" *if* there
are enough sales.

Here's how the program works. Ilford will make the odd and larger sizes once or twice a
year with the first run being delivered around tax time. Place your
order with one of the participating dealers (The
View Camera Store is one, of course. Ilford will have a press release
with the others.) in this special program between now and January 25, 2006. There is
no minimum order, but you do need make payment with the order and the
order can not be cancelled unless Ilford does not get enough orders to
make that size. Ilford USA will collect the orders from the dealers and
submit them to Ilford UK.

If there are enough boxes ordered (or close to it) Ilford will make a
special run in that size and deliver the film to us about April 15th. Of
course, if Ilford doesn't get enough orders to make a run your deposit
will be refunded.

Ilford gave us a price list of sizes from 5x12 up to 20x24 in both FP4+
and HP5+ in boxes of 25 sheets.

As you can see, the success of this program will depend on the ultra
large format community supporting Ilford and its dealers. The nice part
is that no one photographer has to shoulder the whole burden.

Please give me a call if you'd like more details or to check on the
price of your favorite ULF film size.

Fred Newman
The View Camera Store
(480) 767-7105