I understand what you are saying Ed. I guess everyone will have a definition of what they consider a final incarnation of a print. And of course the context for which it is to be used as per your example of the photo editor. If I were to share a group of prints in an informal setting and they were loose in a box unmounted, the best prints I can produce, I would consider those still work prints. For my own work, I don't consider a print a fine print, (gallery quality or ready to be purchased) untill it is spotted and mounted and overmatted if it is going up on a wall somewhere.

And I agree that it is very easy, especially when starting out in the darkroom to fuss over a print, making every possible adjustment and try every combination of developers, papers toners etc. Like a lot of things, it seems my first few prints are the best and after that I just waste paper with other ideas.

As far as archival standards, I don't produce any work for someone else that is not processed to accepted long term archival standards. That would encompass proper fixing and washing techniques, archival treatment in selenium, sulphide or gold and mounting on an archival mounting board. under proper storage and display, such a print should last at least 100 years.