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All thing considered I have decided to switch to potasium oxalate for palladium printing, even though it is a bit more expensive than sodium citrate. But I have two questions.

1. Do you need to replenish the developer or is it sufficient to just add back what is lost during processing?

2. How do you deal with the build-up of metal in the used developer? Can you filter this out or do you need to decant from the top?
I am confused about #1, do you mean just add water, or add more PO to make up for the loss in process? I add back more PO once my jars get too low. I keep 5 one gal solutions with varying concentrations of pot dichromate, once they get to about 2 liters I add more PO solution.

I dont worry about the metal, I guess by the time I have used these solutions for 10 years I might have some salvageable amount, but for now I am sure it is negligible.