Welcome. I'm a fairly new member myself. You should try and use your mother's darkroom when she gets it setup. You might become addicted to conventional photography, at least for black & white. It's magic, but the magic in digital photography is short-lived. Someone mentioned the demise of 8-track audio tape as an analogy. That's one example, I guess, but there are some even within computers. 30 years ago, I took B&W pictures of my sister's wedding, and made some 8 x 10 glossies myself, by hand. Now, 30 years later, those prints still look like I just made them. However, on the computer side, I've owned a computer since my first one in 1979. I still have stuff on Apple disquettes that I can never use, files that will never again be opened. It's virtually impossible to even find an Apple II that can use them today. Mine bit the dust almost a decade ago. And that's not evening thinking about the stuff I had on the audio cassettes my Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III used. Yes, I could have found a way to transfer them via modem when I switched years ago, but the point is, who had time for that. Even now, I'm having a problem backing up just the pictures I scanned with my film scanner. Those suckers eat up a lot disk space, and it takes concerted willpower to get it done. But I have a shoebox that contains virtually every photo I took since 1980, and some from 1975 when I bought my first 35mm camera. Barring a catastrophe that would also destroy CD's, etc., the negatives will outlive me, I'm sure, and will be printable even if they fade a bit. Once you commit to the digital gods, they have you by the you-know-whats. There has never been anything done by man on a computer that didn't become a bottomless pit of time and expense in the longrun - even though it may look like a good idea at the time. Picture quality, resolution, etc. - well, I don't really care. Some of the most compelling pictures today are made with cheap plastic lensed Holgas. If and when the time ever comes that film is truly dead, I would rather give up photography than have it become one more thing I have to use a computer for.