Just wanted to say hello to all of my fellow Apuggers from the land of the rising sun!

The film holders are loaded and I am about to spend the day photographing here in Takamatsu. Yesterday was spent in Okayama as Cassandra had training there so I rode the train up with her (I believe it is north of Takamatsu). While there I visited Okayama Castle and the beautiful Karaku-en Gardens. These gardens have to be seen to be believed! Didn't take the LF with me on the train as I didn't have a home base to work from and was still really tired from the 15 hour flight (a headwind slowed up down) so it was just 35mm. Since Cassandra was in training I had all day long to wander around and get lost! Met tons of nice people, including an older gentleman who shared some mandarin oranges with me while we enjoyed the sunset on the riverbed--I shared some sprees with him (candy which is like sweettarts); neither of us could speak the others language, but nothing really needed to be said as the view said it all.

At the moment I am enjoying the view from Cassandra's 8th floor apartment balcony where I can get wireless internet access on her laptop. Because I am on the 8th floor and Japan is in the opening throes of winter I don't want to spend too long out here as the wind is quite biting so if you want to get in touch with me I will probably be checking my email at least once a day at jeremydmoore(at)gmail.com where any Apugger can get ahold of me. I probably won't be checking into Apug until I am back in the US (I can only imagine the 37,000 unread new posts when I return), but if I am up early one morning I'll see if I can sneak into the chatroom to say "hi!"