Okay, you want to write a statement (though not for presentation, but for exhibition, right?). What should it include?

I believe it should be a statement about your attitude toward what you do; your motivation. The purpose of a statement is to give the viewer a handle on how to approach your work. It might also have a sentence about how this particular body of work fits into your work as a whole. Your statement should not explain the work. The photographs have to speak, or sing, for themselves.

Some examples of what I mean from my own statements. Most of these sentences were parts of longer (but only by a sentence or two) statements.

"I have always believed that is how one sees, not what one sees that makes any photograph interesting." (italics on "how" and "what")

"The challenge, always, is to balance the allure of the subject matter with my own visual concerns and sense of abstraction."

"I use large view cameras because I find looking on the ground glass to be an exhilarating experience. On the ground glass, as I move the camera around, the world comes and goes. flattening itself into pictures. Wondrous transformations often occur—small details can appear as landscapes and vast landscapes are sometimes diminished. On the ground glass everything is potentially equal."

Hopefully, these statements gave the viewer a handle on how to approach the work--to look at it not just as what the photographs are pictures of, but as rhythymic events complete in themselves.

Hope that gives you a handle on how to begin writing your own statements.[/i]