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Conceder this, Bronica is out of business as of Oct. 14, 2005 and no longer supports their cameras. The only support you have is the parts already out their and non-factory repair. They made an offer to buy all unsold stock from dealers, this gave them some sort of legal loop hole so they don't need to make any parts and can stop selling parts in 2008. Mamiya is doing well and has a history of supporting their gear.
Bronica has stated that they will support their cameras for 7 years. And I called Bogen Imaging, the US distributor, to verify that they will support the cameras. Also, they just serviced my RF645 - they converted from 135mm to 100mm framelines and adjusted the rnagefinder verticle alignment.

But, hey, this fear mongering is great. That's why I landed a brand new warranted RF645 with 65mm lens for only $550.

Glad you like your Mamiya. But I wouldn't bet much money on the finacial future of any company whose primary business is MF film cameras.