It's 7:30 in the morning here and I'm still a little off on the sleeping schedule so I figured I would hop on here before making some hot chocolate and getting dressed for another day of photographing (actually, I've already shot off some frames from the balcony of the sunrise!).

Yesterday was quite exciting as I went down the wharf to check out the fishing boats and the warehouse district. Shot off another ~100 frames of 35mm, but only 4 sheets of LF... still feeling overwhelmed so I am trying to ease myself in. No reason on setting up for a bunch of shots that I don't feel "make it," if you know what I mean. Walked about 12km yesterday with the backpack and am a little sore today, but it is not too bad (it weighs ~38lbs). Next time I go out just walking around I am going to pare it down to just the 150 and 240mm lenses and kick everything else out of the backpack to save on weight. Today I am heading over to chuo park (central park) and since I'll be there all day I am going to take everything with me.

Did a neat shot from an overpass with the 3x4... just set-up the tripod and went to town. A policeman came up (it's a walking overpass) to see what I was doing, not to scold, but to check out my camera!

Later when shooting an image over near the warehouse section I took off my right glove to set the aperture on the shutter and when I turned around it was gone! Then I felt a tap on the shoulder and there was a an older fisherman waving at me with my glove on. I put up my left hand--with glove still on--to wave back and then we both started cracking up!

The Japanese don't care what I take pictures of at all, but they are hesitant about having their pictures made so I have held off on that.

The weather is not that cold here yet, but snow is expected this weekend. Everything here is amazing and the food is wonderful! As my sleep schedule is still a little off I'll probably hop on Apug from time to time while I am recuperating from my excursions.